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About Us

Female Model

Modern Wave has been in existence for over 35years.

The motto behind modern wave is “Doing downtown hair at a neighborhood price”.  It has always used top of the line products such as, REDKEN, and PUREOLOGY. 

Modern Wave is an Exclusive Redken Salon. This title was achieved with hard work and dedication by the entire staff. What this means for current and future guests’ is that they are guaranteed trendy and current styles. 


The service providers are given the opportunity to participate in classes that are held by distinguished artists that come into the salon and allow us to have a more hands-on experience.

The staff is also able to attend hair shows in places

like New York, Vegas, and Florida due to their elite status.

We embrace the summit program, which allows us to pick service providers straight from school and help create and mold a career for them. Each service provider has been taught to use the same techniques when achieving varies creations, the difference is the amount of experience everyone has. Each staff member has gone through this rigorous program and has excelled. 

We invite you to take part in our mission on making this world more beautiful each head at a time!


Together we make beautiful hair easy...

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